Every sport has its own rules, terms and things to look out for when placing a sports bet. That is why betting on ice hockey needs an introduction to those who aren’t familiar with the sport, but would like to make some money of an ice hockey match. Enter Mobile Wins! After reading this you will no longer be confused by terms such as Puck Lines or Canadian Lines!

To make your introduction in Ice Hockey Betting an even more smooth process, we also make sure your first bet isn’t gonna cost you anything by giving you a Get a Free Bet Bonus of €10 on your first deposit. Not to be confused with our slots hockey game Break Away!

Understanding the teams and the scores

Before understanding how to bet on Ice Hockey, one most understand the sport itself. The basic is not much different from any other teamsport: outscore the opposite side. Each side or team consists of six players in total – five field players, of which two defenders and three attackers, and a goalie.

Though there are as much as 20 players on a squad. And due to the physical nature of the sport, this is more than needed. Not surprisingly, there is an unlimited number of substitutions to be made each game by the coach.

Ice Hockey Betting Terms and definitions

There are a lot of terms in ice hockey betting that are similar for instance in football betting. Even without knowledge of these terms it is perfectly possible to place a bet on a hockey match! Our sportsbook is designed to cater to casual players as well as veteran players. Tough when looking for tips (for instance in our prediction sports blog) you don’t want to be the guy not getting the clues.

Moneyline Betting

The most basic form of betting. You simply pick the outright winner of the match, regardless of point spread. Odds can be presented in the fashion of (for example) 1.50 (meaning you receive 1,5 times your stake when won), 3/1 (meaning you will receive three times your bet on a win) or +125 (meaning that you will receive 125 when betting 100). At Mobile Wins we work with the first system.

Puckline Betting

With this type of bet, you are depended on both the point spread as moneyline. Meaning the team you chose to win, must do so by point spread. You can for instance bet £100 on team A to win with one point difference, earning you £150.

But you can also bet the same amount on team A winning by a three point margin. Suddenly earning you £300! These are just examples of ice hockey betting of course.

Hockey Parlays

Parlays are multiple bets on the outcomes of hockey games, varying from two to ten or sometimes even more. If you predict everything right, you will receive a win multiplied by the amount of games predicted right (cumulative!). There is only one catch, one mistake and you lose your bet.

Total (under/over) Bet

How many goals are made during an ice hockey match? This is called over (or under) bet. Are you expecting to offensive teams, go for an over 4.5 goals. Are you expecting a tactical match between two defensive coaches, go for under 3.5.

Ice Hockey Period Betting

A hockey game consists of multiple periods. Instead of betting on the outcome of a match, you can bet on the score after a period. This is attractive when live betting.

Ice Hockey Betting Example

There are many countries where Hockey is more popular than any other sport. Finland, Sweden, Russia, Canada and Switzerland; just to name a few. For this example we look at Canada, whose teams are in the National Hockey League NHL together with teams from the US. Please note that this example is a virtual match between Vancouver Canucks and Toronto Maple Leaves in the NHL:

Vancouver Canucks have odds of 1,5 for winning, -135 spread and the you’ll receive 2.8 for under 3.5 in the game total. Toronto Maple Leaves have odds of 2.5 for winning, and a +115 spread. Of course the odds for under 3.5 for the entire match stay the same.

Hockey Betting with Bonus

Mobile Wins

does not discriminate between sports! Similar to other sports like football betting or Rugby betting, you will receive a Get a Free Bet Bonus of €10 as a welcome gift that you can use to whatever sport you like.

But one Get a Free Bet Bonus of €10 doesn’t last long. That is why big Ice Hockey Tournaments are supported by Mobile Wins with special event promotions. This could be in the form of (5+1) free bets or matching bonuses on your deposit.

How to bet on Ice Hockey?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

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