Heroes of the Storm

About the game

Heroes of the Storm is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Players fight 5 versus 5 to destroy the enemy base. Each player controls a “hero” with unique abilities. Players duke it out as their favourite characters from Blizzard game series Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo and Overwatch. Heroes of the Storm took a different approach to the MOBA genre than League of Legends or Dota 2. Each game is played on a different map, with different layouts and objectives. Gold and items don’t exist and player levels are shared with the entire team. Players competed in the Global Championship Circuit, which features three Global Championship events each year. Blizzard withdrew their support for Heroes of the Storm eSports at the end of 2018, which made the scene returns to grassroots and Chinese tournaments.


Heroes of the Storm started development as a custom game in the StarCraft 2 arcade. Over time, the game got too big for the arcade and became a stand-alone title. It’s release year 2015 also brought the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, it’s premier eSports competition. Following the release of Overwatch in 2016, characters from that game are being implemented in Heroes of the Storm.

Famous teams and players

Gen.G is the all-time number one Heroes of the Storm team. The team won trophies under different names (MVP Black, KSV Black and Gen.G) but the players were the same. The Korean team tops the prize earnings and has won almost twice the prize money of the next team. This team won the 2017 and 2018 Global Championships to become the undisputed world champions.

Ballistix, also known as L5, was the 2016 Global Champion and was the top team late 2016 – late 2017.

The Swedish team Dignitas were the best team in the West. They managed to beat Miracle at the 2018 Global Championship, before falling to Gen.G in the finals. Dignitas dominated the western scene in 2018.

Biggest tournaments

The Heroes of the Storm Global Championship is a year-long competition for a spot in the Grand Finals. Teams compete in tournaments around the world to earn points. The top 16 teams duke it out for 500.000 dollar and the title of world champion.


  • Match winner. Predict the winner of the match series out of the two teams.
  • Handicap. One team is favoured to win. Can they win with a bigger margin than expected?
  • Map winner. Which team will take which map?
  • First blood. Which team will score the first kill on this map?
  • Odd/even kills. Will the total number of kills between both teams be an odd or even number?
  • First to 5 kills. Which team will score 5 kills first?


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