Match of the day: World Elite vs Top Esports

There is a big difference in the betting scene between the asian countries and Europe/USA. In the east, betting is an activity in itself. It doesn’t matter where you bet on, as long as you bet. Because betting is fun. In ‘the west’ people tend to bet on their favourite teams. As such we are biased towards the large, heavily advertised sports events as the Premier League or Champions League.

It would be wise for us to take a look beyond what is presented to us, since in the sports of the future the chinese are taking over the top spots. Where it used to be Korean teams earlier, China is quick to catch up:

  • In The International DOTA2 Championship (28 jan 2020) PSG.LGD came in 2nd
  • In the League of Legends World Championship (nov 2019) FPX came in 1st
  • In the PUGB Global Championship (nob 2019) 4AM came in 3rd
  • In the Overwatch World Cup (nov 2019) CHTeam came in 2nd

Tencent LoL Pro League Spring

In 2022, China will host an expected 430 million esports users. This is the country where esports has gone mainstream, and if we want to keep up, we need to pay attention. This is why you want to take a look at World Elite vs Top Esports at the Tencent LoL Pro League Spring. Top Esports is very likely to take this match, so look at interesting bets such as Total Kills game one. If this truly will be a roll over, these are quite interesting odds to bet on!

Another tip could be to take a look at game one if World Elite dares to protect the dragon or they just let it go to defend their towers. If so, you can make accurate predictions about the dragon and baron in game 2.