• Mobile Wins‘ Guide to Roulette | Strategies & Rules

    Mobile Wins‘ Ultimate Guide to Roulette Strategies

    This has to be the most iconic casino game to ever exist. There is something glamorous and infinite about a ball spinning endless circles. A game that gets more and more rewarding for taking more risk, but can be just as ruthless. We’ve all dreamed on putting all chips on one number and winning that amount 36 times. A fortune! Though not something you’d likely do in a real game. There are better strategies on winning. Or maybe better formulated; there are better strategies for not losing!

    Roulette is a numbers game, so odds can be calculated. This has led to centuries of gamblers trying to ‘crack the code’ of roulette. Countless books have been written, sometimes with the ‘promise’ that you could beat the system. Yet, up to date Roulette remains the perfect casino game. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth to read into strategies! Many players start playing without really knowing what they are doing. Don’t be that kind of player!

    To maximise your chances of winning, we have written a guide with several roulette strategies that apply to all roulette games you will find on Mobile Wins! Pick your favourite and hopefully start winning big!

    The basics of Roulette

    To get the ball rolling on what is the best roulette strategy, we first need to talk about the basics of the game and see what it is about. Is it really nothing more than a little ball rolling in a wheel until it slows down and lands on a number? Let’s find out!

    In most cases (European roulette), the roulette wheel is made up of 36 number plus a zero sign. The numbers on the weel are red and black and alternate between them. The American roulette wheel has another double zero sign. This O and OO on the American Roulette make up the house edge. Meaning that if the ball lands here, all bets are lost.

    Before each spin you can place any number of bets. You can choose whether the ball will land on either red or black (double your money) and place bets that are much more specific with odds decreasing but potential win increasing proportionally. This scales all the way up to betting on a specific number with the possibility of winning your bet 36 times!

    The possible complexity of wagering is exactly what makes roulette so enjoyable. You can place on colums, rows, colors, odds or evens and so forth. The table next to the wheel shows all the possibilites.

    So how much of roulette is luck and how much is ‘skill’?

    The ball does what the ball does and when it decides to stop rolling, no one can influence it. Purely luck right? Well acually, yes, but that is part of the excitement. The thing is though that rolling the ball is just a part of the game. The other part is made up of choices and those choices can either be good or bad.

    Ofcourse there is more to it than just a spinning ball or this game would not have gone into the history books as the greatest casino game of all times. There is something magical to numbers in general, something magical that can be decoded. For years mathematicians have been puzzeling on the best strategy to diminish losses and maximise winnings. All this hard work has culminated in the strategies we present you today!

    A list of the best roulette strategies:

    There are more strategies than you might think! Some are more complicated than others. Always choose a strategy that complies with your own mathematical skills. Playing ‘half’ a strategy or making miscalculations can really hurt your wallet! So choose carefully.

    • Flat Betting. For those who like to keep things simple there is flat betting. Whether you lost or won on the last round, you simply place the same bet every time. This might sound as a safe bet, but statistically it is likely that you will end up losing slowly over the long run unless you get lucky. The house edge of the zero makes sure of that. However, this is a sensible approach that shouldn’t ever see you lose too much and gives you the potential for a decent win too.
    • Martingale Strategy. One of the most popular strategies. It is still rather simple, but is (almost) waterproof. The idea is here that you consistently place the same bet, but every time you lose you double the bet! This might sound like the worst idea ever. Don’t people always tell you to stop when you are losing to much? True! But the idea is that if you lose five times and you keep on doubling, your sixth bet will win you back all previous five bets plus something more. The only problem is that if you get unlucky 20 times in a row, you got to have real, real deep pockets to keep playing. As long as you can afford it, this is a great strategy indeed!
    • D’Alembert System. Just as the Martingale Strategy the D’Alambert System makes you increase your bets after each loss. In a way you can see this as ‘Martingale light’. The biggest difference between the two is that you place smaller bets after each round. It is thus regarded as a safe approach that let’s you bet in a sensible and sustainable way. Just as the Martingale Bets, the D’Alembert strategy is usually used for red/black and even/odd bets (50/50 bets).
    • Reverse Martingale System / Paroli. As the name suggests, this works exactly the other way as the ‘normal’ Martingale. Instead of doubling after a loss, you double after a win! The idea is that you start winning really big and take advantage of a win-streak. When losing, you don’t double up but keep your losses small.  
    • Reverse D’Alembert System. Just like the strategy above, this is a strategy that focuses on your winnings rather than losses. When losing, you keep your bets small. But when winning, you increase your bets to increase your potential profit. You can decide whether you want to play the reverse variant based on your first few spins. It is easier to go in reverse when you’re ahead!
    • Fibonacci System. Nature holds many secrets. The Fibonacci sequence of numbers is something you can find in buildings and flowes alike. This is a sequence that starts off as 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and continues following a ‘law’ of numbers. The strategy calls on you to follow the same progression when raising your bets. Some gamblers like the fact that this progression mirrors one of nature’s most interesting rules. A loss means progressing in order, while any win sees you move back two steps.
    • Reverse Fibonacci Strategy. As the other reverse strategies as mentioned above, this is the same as the Fibonacci Strategy, but instead of progressing with a loss, you progress with a win. This means that you step forward when you win and go back a couple of steps when your bet loses. We do like to warn you that this strategy isn’t considered the best as it requires you to win a lot more to come out on top. But if you win a lot more, then you probably don’t need a strategy anyway 😉
    • Oscar’s Grind Strategy / Hoyle’s Press. Another progression strategy that focuses on red / black or odd / even bets. There are a lot of similarities compared to the other positive progressions, for instance in the way that you increase your bets by one unit each time that you win but keep them the same after losing. There is an important difference ofcourse as well. The key to Oscar’s Grind Strategy is to keep the progression sequence of increasing only goes up to four. This strategy (like all strategies) isn’t flawless. When you start losing when you are high up in the stakes, you can lose quite fast.
    • Hollandish Strategy. Ready to go dutch? The Hollandish Strategy is another negative progressive system. Meaning that losing requires you to bet more. Unlike the other negative progressive strategies, this is slower and more gradual. Instead of doubling after each bet, you bet three times before doubling up. As with other  negative strategies, the Hollandish Roulette Strategy requires you to have control over your budget.
    • Labouchere Strategy / Cancellation Method / American Progression. In this guide we only briefly discuss each strategy. We advise you to dive deeper into a strategy once you have chosen one before playing! The Labouchere Strategy is so complex that we don’t feel comfortable giving you a summary, since it requires you to come up with an own progression table. If you feel up to the challenge; look for this strategy in Roulette Books or online.
    • Whittaker System. At this point strategies start to overlap and only differ in details from one another. The Whittaker System looks a lot like the Fibonacci System, and also includes the Labouchere technique for working out how much to increase your bets by. When played properly, this system holds less risk than the strategies it affiliates with but still holds the potential of increasing your win percentage.
    • Red and Black Roulette Strategies. This is more a container term for strategies (like a lot mentioned above) that are based on 50/50 bets. These strategies are usually the easiest to pick up for new players, since it doesn’t require you to be a mathematical genius. Though they do tend to get a bit boring and do not fully exploit the possibilities that roulette holds as a game.
    • James Bond Strategy. It isn’ t always a smart thing to copy strategies from movies, since well, they are movies and in movies the good guy always wins. Still 007 uses a strategy that is actually used in the real world as well. This strategy is far more interesting than the 50/50 strategies, as it had to look good on screen of course. Then again, it is a simple flat bet strategy so it doesn’t ask to much. It can be nice to pretend to be James Bond. Some of our team likes to pretend they are Bond every day. As a strategy, we do feel there are better options even though they might not look good on screen.
    • Cover the Table Roulette Strategy. The James Bond strategy is actually nothing more than a simplified variation on the widely known Cover the Table approach. This strategy looks really cool since you try to cover most of the table with bets, almost always ending up ‘winning’. By placing lots of bets you try to minimise losses whilst hoping on being lucky with winning on one of the ‘bigger’ bets. On the long run, your winnings will probably end up pretty regular though.
    • Dozens and Columns. Although most strategies focus on the 50/50 bets, there are systems that you can use for the 33% bets (or the dozens/columns) bet. Calling these 33% bets are actually a more representation than the 50/50 bets since three times 33% ends up on 99%. Actually indirectly naming existence of the zero. There is also the possibility to bet on either one or two columns instead of just betting red or black or odds or even. 

    Finding a strategy that fits your play style

    By now it must be clear that there are multiple ways that can lead to fortune. Which  one is ‘best’ is mostly also a personal preference. Some players are convinced one of the strategies is better than others, sometimes by having a good experience with them. We like to advise you to try out a couple before deciding on one, regardless of what other players are saying.

    Whether you are choosing something safe or solid or to chose a strategy that is more adventurous is something you have to feel comfortable with. Choose a strategy that matches your budget and personality!

    Remember that the difference between European and American roulette influences strategies. Long story short. Try out one of our many roulette games on Mobile Wins and play with a Match Bonus of 100% up to $/£/€200 on your first deposit!

    There is really nothing wrong with experimenting in strategies and mixing them up a bit. Just do remember that you can’t blame a strategy for not winning a spin!

    Have People Won Using Roulette Strategies?

    Nothing can beat luck. Ashley Revell was crazy enough to put his entire life (literally everything he owned) on a single spin. The ball hit red and he doubled everything he owned in an instant. Another Ashley (is it in the name), Mike Ashley put a small fortune on number 17 and made £820.000 when the ball landed. Then there was a guy called Charles Wells that picked up a small fortune in 1981 by being lucky.

    Those are the succes stories of people that went ‘against all odds’ and won. For every one of those stories are thousands of stories of people that didn’t make it. Using a strategy gives you more control over the game and winning will be more satisfying in the end.

    Mobile Wins is Your Number 1 Roulette Stop!

    Did this guide get your roulette gambling blood flowing faster? Then you will glad to see that we offer you an incredible range of roulette variants! High roller Roulette, Live Roulette, European Roulette and American Roulette; we offer them all and everything in between. There are just so many ways to enjoy the evergreen fun of watching a ball go round and round in the wheel.

    Always be sure to read the rules for each version since there is a chance there are small differences. Use specific strategies on specific variants and get the maximum result out of your money. Speaking of maximum value out of your money; what do you think about our welcome package?!

    • 100% match bonus up to $/£/€200

  • Mobile Wins‘ Blackjack Guide | Rules and Strategy

    Mobile Wins‘ Ultimate Guide to Blackjack Rules and Strategy

    For centuries, Blackjack has ruled alongside poker as the most favourite card games ever played. The game is beautiful in its simplicity, making it easy for people all over the world to enjoy the game. Thanks to Mobile Wins you don’t have to go out to search for the perfect 21 anymore. You can simply play from the convenience of your own house!

    No one likes learning new complicated games. Simple card games intrigue most people straight away and blackjack is no exception. There is a difference between casually playing and playing to win though. And if you are out to get the most out of blackjack, this ultimate guide to the rules and strategy of blackjack is where you want to start!

    Beginning with the basics: blackjack rules

    Get closer to 21 points than your opponent (the dealer) and don’t go over it. If you manage that, you win the hand. That’s it. Sounds easy right? Exactly 21 points is called blackjack. So how do you get the ‘perfect 21′ points?

    Every card has a certain value and each player is initially dealt two cards. Since the ace can be either one or eleven points, the highest amount you can get out of two cards is 21. After these two cards are dealt, the dealer will ask you if you want another card. This can bring you closer to 21, but you can also go over 21, bust, and automatically lose. Casinos often use six decks of cards in order to avoid counting of the cards.

    The easiest win is being dealt an ace and a card that is worth ten points. Automatically ending up with 21 points on the starting hand. The face cards are worth ten points as well as the ’10’ cards. All other number cards are worth their number as well. It is up to you to calculate the value of the cards given to you. When you are playing online, the casino will calculate the numbers for you.

    So, we have the first hand dealt. Now it is up to you to call for a stand or a hit. With stand, you will play the cards dealt to you. With hit, you will receive another card to hopefully increase the quality of your hand. The last option is to ‘split’, meaning you play on two hands by splitting the initial hand.

    The last option you have is to double. You have the option of doubling your bet after seeing the first two cards, but are obliged to take one more card. Usually, this option is only available on certain hands. Though sometimes, casinos allow a double on any hand.

    Once you have chosen to stand, hit, split or double, the dealer will decide what he will do. They have clear instructions about when to hit or stand, since blackjack is a game of percentages. For example they will draw a card when they have 16, but stand on 17. Though the number of decks played could influence the decision making.

    Blackjack versions: American Blackjack

    We have to go way back in time for the story of how blackjack migrated to the United States. There it evolved on it’s own, becoming the game that it is today. At least in name, since it was in America where the term ‘blackjack’ was used for the first time for players who reached 21 with the first two cards dealt.

    On most online casinos you will find predominantly American Blackjack, or versions based on the American Blackjack rulings. It is important to understand the differences between the European and American variations to get a better understanding of the game. A good reason to keep reading this guide!

    American Blackjack games it is the dealer that get’s one of their cards face-up and the other face down. He can look at the second card and act accordingly; advising the other players. In the European variations, the dealer only gets to see one card. Does this affect the outcome or chances of the players? Not likely, but some players don’t like the dealer messing with their strategy. When played with fewer decks, the dealer does get some extra information about the cards still available.

    Even though the game is really simple, the exact rules from the game can vary from game to game. It is important that you know what rules the game you are playing follows before you are dealt your first hand. Especially since there is no fixed definition of what American Blackjack exactly is. You can recognise American versions of the game by the typical names that are given to them such as Las Vegas Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack or Route 66 Blackjack.

    Blackjack versions: European Blackjack

    Not surprisingly, Blackjack originated in Europe (like most table games). One might think ‘European Blackjack’ is thus the same game that the French aristocracy played way back in 1750. If only. The game evolved quite a bit since then!

    If anything, European Blackjack is leaning more towards the American version these days! And that is good news for you! Switching between the two different variants shouldn’t be hard at all! To help you out even further, we’ve list all the specific rules for each game on Mobile Wins. This way you won’t ever be surprised by some unexpected rule!

    We are sure that you will have a great time playing European Blackjack with us! You can choose to play European Blackjack, hi-lo 13 European blackjack and European Blackjack Gold Series. Each and everyone of these games offer something unique!

    Blackjack Advanced: Playing Perfect Pairs

    What’s this? More Blackjack variants? Yes! This one is named after the so called ‘side bet’ that you can place on your hand. It’s like a bonus game to an otherwise normal blackjack game with regular rules.

    Before any cards are dealt, you place your usual bet and optionally place a side bet on the perfect pair. This always happens in this exact order: first the normal bet, then the side bet.

    The payout for a perfect par is pretty good! About 25-1! A coloured pair or a non-coloured pair from different suits will result in lower payouts, but are still worth the effort.

    The addition of the perfect pair side bet simply adds an extra dimension to the game. The luck factor of the game goes up significantly, but so does the joy of winning!

    Lets win big: High Roller Blackjack

    Blackjack is comparable to poker in many ways. The rules are really easy and there is a fine line between luck and calculation. Strangely enough, people often associate the game baccarat with professional gambling and high stakes while blackjack is seen as a more casual game where people keep the bets low.

    Not with High Roller Blackjack! Mobile Wins offers more experienced gamblers to play (live) blackjack games for serious money. We have special VIP rooms and loyalty bonuses for such players; a joy to play!

    Are you a long time player on a hot streak that feels like going to the next level? Take advantage of the momentum with High Roller Blackjack! If things go sour, we still offer a  lot of tables that allow smaller bets as well. The choice is entirely up to you!

    Aaarrrggh: Pirate 21 Blackjack

    Getting a bit bored of the traditional blackjack (hard to imagine); then enjoy yourself with Pirate 21 Blackjack! For those of you who don’t know this variant, it is a modern twist on the classic game. Recently this variant is getting more popular online, and though it might feel very modern, some say it is based on a classic Spanish version of Blackjack.

    One important detail in the pirate 21 blackjack rules is that there are no ten cards used. There is also typically the possibility of doubling down on any total that gives you a lot more flexibility than on some other versions of the game.

    Like perfect pairs, there is also the possibility of placing a side bet. You can gamble on being dealt the same card as the dealer in the first hand.

    More is better: Multi-hand Blackjack

    Are your skills getting more advanced and do you enjoy playing online? Then playing a single game might not be enough for you. Instead of opening multiple games, try playing multi-hand blackjack! This adds to the excitement and gives you a chance to win more faster!

    Keep your eyes on your funds! Multiple hands does mean more risk, but it does really add another dimension off fantastic gameplay. The biggest advantage is that every game is a fun game since you can decide between multiple hands on what you want to play. It is great when you get a perfect 21 on one hand and then knowing you can take more risk on the other hand!

    Mobile Wins Tactics, tips and strategies

    Don’t let the simplicity of the game fool you. There is much more than meets the eye to this game. If anything, we dare to say that there is more strategy involved than most other casino games. Sure, you can play your games entirely based on luck but if you are in to win you might want to remember our following tips!

    • Do you know When to Stand or When to Hit: When you are dealt a hand, the most important thing to decide is whether to stand or hit. As obvious as this decision might be sometimes, at other times the decision is really hard. It comes down to statistics and you can look up online to charts that give you insight in the ‘sweet spot’ that you need to make your own.
    • Losing Insurance(?) This is something the verdict is still out on by the community. When the dealer shows you an ace as his first card, you are given to buy an insurance that can help you prevent a loss. Some players will advise you to never take an insurance, while others think it is a useful tool. On what side you are is something up to you!
    • Splitting Cards: Again, statistics are key here. And sometimes statistics don’t rhyme with your initial instincts. When you are dealt two 10 value cards, it is tempting to keep the hand and hope the dealer doesn’t hit blackjack. But splitting the cards gives you two chances on having a great hand.
    • Doubling Down: Now this is a weapon of power if you know how to use it. Again, the key is in understanding the blackjack rules of the specific game you’re playing! Because doubling down is something that requires some specific timing. Generally speaking, you are looking for the dealer to have a bust card (two through to six) on show while you have an Ace and a low card in your hand. Though there are many more occasions where the doubling down option might be key to a big win!
    • How Much to Gamble: before you are starting your game, you have to decide for yourself how much you want to play and how long you want to play. Did you start off with €50 and got a bad streak? Don’t make up your losses by playing more if you agreed with yourself that you would not play more than €50! Also look at the time. You play better when you are fit. Make sure you eat and sleep well before and after playing!

    Find all your favourite BlackJack Games on Mobile Wins! 

    Found your favourite in all the games listed in this guide? Then we have good news for you, because on Mobile Wins we have multiple games from multiple developers; including live games. From Blackjack classic to High Roller Atlantic City blackjack and from Pirate 21 to European Blackjack Gold Series, there is something on our online casino to suit every type of player and style.

    We welcome new players as well as experienced players. To show our appreciation, we give all new players a welcome bonus of:

    • 100% match bonus up to $/£/€200 on your 1st Deposit

    Play at the best Blackjack casino on the internet! We have weekly promotions and new game promotions on slots and table games as well as a sportsbook with great odds! Join Mobile Wins now!

  • Mobile Wins Baccarat Guide | Rules, Variations and Strategies

    Mobile Wins‘ Ultimate Guide to Baccarat – Rules, Variations and Strategies

    A good game stirs emotions. By that rationale there is almost no better casino game than baccarat. This game causes thrilling moments and provokes strong emotions. The game has survived the test of time, being a mainstay in casinos worldwide for centuries. For the first time, you can play this great game on this great mobile casino! But without other players to exchange tips with; how are you sure you are playing the best strategy? Glad you ask!

    This is our players guide to baccarat! We explain the rules, talk about variations and show you different strategies that you can use when playing baccarat online! This game originated from Italy in the 15th century, and has come a long way since then!

    The rules of Baccarat Online

    The rules of baccarat online are the same as the traditional baccarat version. Each card is allocated a certain points value. For instance; the cards from 2 to 9 are worth the points equal to their face value. The 10, jacks, queens and kings aren’t worth any points at all; zero. The Ace is worth only one point. Jokers aren’t a part of the game.

    To calculate the value of a hand you need to add up the points value of all of the cards and then use the digit on the right-hand side. Therefore, a hand that has a two and a four adds up to six. However, if it has a five and a seven then the total would be twelve, giving a points value of two as this is the rightmost digit.

    Similair to Blackjack, there is a ‘sweet spot’. In the case of baccarat, this is nine. The goal of the game is to guess whether the dealer or the player will get closer to this number. Like Blackjack, the hands get compared between the player and the banker once the cards are dealt. Then a winner is chosen.

    Unline Blackjack, you can bet on the player winning but also bet on the ‘bank’ winning or even bet on the points being a tie. We have to explain between the difference between the bank and dealer. In most online baccarat games the bank is the dealer, but this ain’t a given. Players sometimes get to act as the banker as well.

    Like all online casino table games, there are many variations with slightly different rules. Before choosing and starting a game, make sure you are informed about the specific rules for the game you are playing. Some strategies mentioned in this article work better with particular variations.

    Baccarat Variants: Punto Banco

    Stand on a square, shout ‘Punto Banco!’ and you will see turning heads of the many people that play this popular variant. It is by far the most played variant in the US, European Casinos and last but not least the casinos in Macau, where the people are almost adoring the game. In Europe, Poker and Blackjack might be the biggest card games, but for many Chinese gamblers baccarat is their aboslute favourite. And especially Punto Banco.

    This variant is so well known, that people refer to it as simply ‘baccarat’. With this variant, there are typically six to eight decks of cards being used. When the game starts, two cards are given to the banker as well as the player. Unlike Blackjack, the cards are dealt face up and it is instantly clear how much value each hand holds.

    If one of the hands holds eight or nine points with the initial cards, a winner is declared straight away. Things start to get interesting once neither of the hands holds one of these numbers. The rules of the game decide whether the player and the bank should receive another card. For the player, a third card will be dealt when the value of the inital hand add up to between zero and five. If the bank should receive a card or not is slightly more complex.

    The bank does receive a third card if their total is between zero and five and the player didn’t receive a third card. If the player did, the bank will only receive a third card based on the value of the third card of the player.

    Baccarat Variants: Chemin de fer / Shimmy / Chernay

    There are three total ‘large’ variations. The Chemin de fer or Shimmy or Chernay variation is the second of this list. The biggest difference between this game and Punto banco is that the player gets more room for own decisions instead of being forced into a third card based on the cards dealt.

    This version of baccarat is a little younger than its original predecessor with being around 200 years old. The name is a translation of the word ‘railway’ (also around 200 years old), and is called this way due to the fact that the game is played quicker than the original.

    The name might gave it away; but the game is mostly popular in France. In this game the player gets the choice to whether or not to accept a third card if they don’t have eight or nine points instead of the zero to five rule. The same goes for the banker.

    You can find the Chemin de fer also surprisingly in Latin American. In the USA, this variant is quite rare and has been replaced by some of the other variants we will discuss here.

    Just like the other variants, this game really gets you hooked and guarantees hours of fun! The game is great in its simplicity and strategy. Without doing injustisce to blackjack and roulette; we could say this is our favourite online casino game!

    Baccarat Variants: Baccarat Banque

    The third and last major pillar of Baccarat is called Bacarrat Banque. This is the most intense of all variants discussed and is mainly popular with high rollers, seeking to play big stakes.

    On first sight the game feels very similar to chemin de fer. The way the table is set up is almost indistinquisable, but there are also a number of crucial differences. Differences that come to light once the game starts and the cards are dealt; what stands out is the position of the dealer when cards are dealt.

    In chemin de fer this duty changes hands when the banker loses while baccarat banque it is more of a permanent position. The game is also split between the players who are on the right-hand side of the banker and those who are on the left-hand side. This means that the bank is playing against two hands at the same time, and each game has the potential to therefore get you more profit.

    What is also notable is the amount of cards (decks) used with baccarat banque. We mentioned before that baccarat is played with six to eight decks, but here there are only three decks used. Like chemin de fer, this version of the game is really popular France and other parts of Europe. Though there are high rollers everywhere. Because of the French popularity, the name baccarat a deux tableaux (double table baccarat) is also found here and there to describe baccarat banque.

    Baccarat Online Variants: Mini Punto & Midi Punto

    Mini punto and midi punto variants are like the travel variants of Baccarat; it’s played on such a small table that you can take it anywhere. Who would have thought that the ideal travel set would exist on your phone? Cause that is how easy it is to travel with Mini Punto & Midi Punto Baccarat!

    These variants are played faster than popular ‘normal’ baccarat. You could simply call it baccarat light, as stakes are typically lower and the rules a bit simpler as well. But that would be disrespecting this fun way of playing the game. 

    Punto is great for players that start to know the game as Baccarat is considered quite intense. With lower stakes and a more relaxed atmosphere, this game is like a warm bath to new players!

    Baccarat Online Variations – Super 6 / Punto 2000

    This version of baccarat is faster than most other variants but typically pays out less on certain wins. For instance, even money is paid out on almost all banker wins. The exception is when the banker wins with a total of six, in which case the gambler gets back half of the bet.

    It is a popular game in Asia and can also be found in other parts of the world now too.

    Play Baccarat with Dragon and Panda – EZ Baccarat

    Some variants are a local hit, but a global miss. EZ Baccarat is an example of that. The additional rule with EZ are that you get even money on a banker win. Though the exception is that the banker still wins when he gets a total of 7 or 8 points when dealt a three card hand. These hands are called the Dragon seven and Panda eight. The payout from these are respectively 40 to 1 and 25 to 1.

    The game is a hit in Macau, but is relatively unknown in the other parts of the world. That doesn’t mean you can’t try this game! Mobile Wins offers an EZ Baccarat game, but we do note that rules might vary from what is stated here. So always be sure to read the rules!

    This guide is a great way to introduce yourself to various baccarat strategies and variations, but if you choose a specific game you find that there is always more than meets the eye when first playing. Be sure to update yourself with the local rules and tips.

    Win more often with our Baccarat Tips & Strategies

    Among the casino community Baccarat is known as a game for more advanced players, high rollers even. This might scare new players, but that would be a waste since the game is incredibly fun. We provide you with the basic strategies and give some tips that can increase your win percentage dramatically. This will hopefully make you feel more comfortable to play.

    • Understand the rules. Don’t let yourself be surprised by some casino or game specific rule you didn’t know about! Baccarat is an easy game to learn, but there are many small variations that can make you unnecessarily confused. Mobile Wins only offers games that allow players to read the exact rules whenever they feel like easily, simply because we want you to feel comfortable playing our titles.
    • Find your favourite game. If you have been reading this guide, you might noticed that there are many variations of this games. If you are entirely new to the game, we can imagine mini punto is something you want to start off with. When you get the hang of it, you could switch to a more rewarding game. You can always try out a couple of different versions without spending to much money, just to see which variant fits you.
    • Decide what your budget is and stick with it. The reason why baccarat can be intimidating to new players is that it has a reputation of stakes running high in a single hand, possibly losing you a lot of money. There are enough games where you can keep the stakes low, but the real issue lying underneath is whether you have control over your spendings. Make sure you do!
    • Following card trends – yes or no? We all know the stories about people counting cards and beating the system. We advise you not to waste your energy on this. It requires a lot of mental power, if it is possible at all with so many decks used. Use all that brain space to make good decisions based on a more logic rational!
    • Betting on the player. Betting on either the player, the banker or a tie is a significant part of the baccarat strategy. Betting on the banker is statically slightly better, or in other words; you have a slightly better chance of winning. This is because the rules for drawing a third card edge the odds a little bit in favour of the banker. That also means that betting on the player will give you a better return. 
    • Betting on the banker. Your chances of winning are better, but your return will be less. This is a fine line and you want to check the odds before you start playing a game to see what favours you. Is it worth it to bet on the banker, despite the better chances of winning?
    • Betting on a tie. With only 10% of the games (more or less) ending up in a tie, this is by far the least likely outcome. Does that mean you should never bet on a tie? Not really, the payout is definitely worth it when that tie does land!

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