CS:GO – No Limit Gaming vs DIVIZON

We can’t discuss Fnatic vs Cloud9 everyday. And we wouldn’t want to. The ‘lower’ regions of professional gaming are still at a fantastic level and the games are anything but predictable. Today we have two teams who originate from the same country and have a good rivalry on the world ranking meter: No Limit Gaming vs DIVIZON.

In the 99Damage League the two teams from Germany face off, maybe to take over or secure their rank against one another on the world and EUW scoreboard. As it stands now, No Limit Gaming is number 207 in EUW and 492 in the world. DIVIZON is only a tiny bit ahead with 202 EUW and 481 in the world. These are two teams with equal qualities and this is promising to be an exciting match, without a clear winner.

The prediction that really isn’t one

DIVIZON has been showing a steady upward trend this year, coming from a form dip. No Limit Gaming on the other hand is a bit more unreliable in their results, although the wins are still outnumbering the losses. The odds are thus a bit in favour of DIVIZON, but it’s only marginally. We could see a bet on either one of these teams.

The previous encounters were slightly in favour of No Limit Gaming and that is why no one dares to make predictions about this match. In our opinion, those are the best matches that you can get!